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BBC2018/10/27Oxford-Cambridge Arc: Row over central England mega-plan
BBOWT2018/09/27BBOWT launches legal challenge against government’s Oxford to Cambridge Expressway proposal
BBOWTUnknownThe Oxford to Cambridge Expressway: a threat to wildlife
BEUnknownOxford Cambridge ARC Development Conference
Bidwells2018/04/06The Growth Corridor – An Introduction
Cambridge New2018/10/27Campaigners warn thousands of acres of woodland could be destroyed by Oxford to Cambridge dev
CBBRUnknownCBRR’s Guidance Notes and more detailed maps
CBBR2018/10/22Open letter to East West Rail
CBRR2019/01Arguments for a Northern Approach into Cambridge (augmented)
CBRRUnknownEWR – CS: CBRR route & Cambridge North Station
CBRRCurrentFacebook Page
CBRRUnknownThe sensible central alternative […] from Cambridge to Bedford
CBRR/Jones, B.2018/05Preliminary Railway Alignment
CPCA2018/09Housing Strategy
CPRE2018/10/25Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford: A Corridor of Uncertainty for the Countryside
CPRE2018/10/30Government Response to Ox-Cam Arc is devastating blow for local democracy and our countryside
East-West Rail2019/03Bedford and Cambridge Route Option Consultation: Have Your Say
East-West Rail2019/01East West Rail Bedford to Cambridge Route Option Consultation: Consultation Document
East-West RailUnknownEast West Rail Bedford to Cambridge Route Option Consultation: Route Option Maps
East-West Rail2019/01East West Rail Bedford to Cambridge Route Option Consultation: Technical Report
East-West Rail2019/01East West Rail Bedford to Cambridge Route Option Consultation: Technical Report – January 2019
East-West Rail2019/01Eastern Section: Prospectus for Growth
EEHUnknownDelivering a World Class Heartland
Frearson, A.2017/11/30Oxford and Cambridge need good design to become “UK’s Silicon Valley” say architects
Gov.UK2018/04/20Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford: ‘growth corridor’ call for evidence
Gov.UK2016/07/08Oxford to Cambridge expressway strategic study: interim report
Gov.UK2016/11/28Oxford to Cambridge expressway strategic study: stage 3 report
Gov.UKUnknownOxford to Cambridge expressway – Strategic Outlines Business Case
Guardian2018/09/16On the ‘Varsity Expressway’ route, fears grow of a tarmac hell
Guardian2018/10/26Green group attacks plan for 1m new homes near Oxford and Cambridge
Highways Eng…2018Oxford to Cambridge Expressway – The preferred corridor
Highways Eng…2018Oxford to Cambridge expressway – Corridor Assessment Report 2018
Highways Eng…UnknownImprovements and major road projects
HM Treasury2016/03/16Annex – A plan for unlocking growth, housing and jobs in the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford corridor
HM Treasury2016/03/16Letter from the Chancellor to Lord Adonis
HoC2017/11/22Financial Statement, Hansard, 22 November 2017
HoC2018/12/10Tackling the under-supply of housing in England
Independent2018/10/27Oxford-Cambridge housing development will destroy area of countryside size of Birmingham
ITV2018/10/25Campaigners warn of threat to countryside from Oxford-Cambridge development
Maguire, S.2019/03/08More than a thousand people in this town want a rail service to Cambridge
Mairs, J.2017/12/12Velocity
Marko & P…rs2017VeloCity – Oxford to Cambridge Growth Corridor Strategy, UK
National TrustUnknownOur position on East West Rail Bedford to Cambridge route options
NICUnknownCambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford interim report
NIC2017/06/14Data submitted by the 6 Local Enterprise Partnerships along the corridor
NICUnknownPartnering for Prosperity: A new deal for the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Arc
NIC2017/03/30Strategic planning and governance consultation responses
NIC2017/03Strategic Planning in the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor: A Discussion Paper
NICUnknownThe Impact of Population Change and Demography on Future Infrastructure Demand
NIC/5th studio2017/11Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford Future Planning Options
NIC/5th studio2018/02Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford Future Planning Options – REV A
Nicholas, J.O.2003The Cambridge to Oxford Arc – ‘Inspiring Innovation for Britain’
Oxford Mail2018/10/26Oxford to Cambridge route will swallow up ‘area the size of Birmingham’
PegasusUnknownThe CaMkOx Arc
PBC Today2018/10/26Oxford-Cambridge Arc development puts countryside at risk, says CPRE
Railfuture2014/12Oxford Cambridge Bedford Route Options
Rapleys2018/09/13Oxford to Cambridge Expressway signposts future growth in Oxfordshire
Reading, M.2017/12/06NIC announces winner of Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition
Reading, M.UnknownThe Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition
RLR2018/04/03Rediscovering the Varsity Line | The Cambridge – Oxford Railway
RSPBUnknownOxford to Cambridge Expressway
Savills2016/11/04The Property Market within the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford Corridor: Final Report
SCDC2019/03/06Agenda and decisions – 6 March 2019
SCDCUnknownAppendix 1: Draft SCDCl response to the East-West Rail Bedford to Cambridge consultation
SCDCUnknownAppendix 2 Headline comparison of route options, focusing on South Cambridgeshire- specific impacts
SCDCUnknownAppendix 3: EWR Consultation route options
SQW2016/11/08Economic Analysis of the Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Northampton Growth Corridor
Steer et al.2017/11Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Northampton Growth Corridor
Thomas, J.2019/02/28Cambridge Biomedical Campus faces ‘disaster’ if a station is not built soon
TibbaldsUnknownVelocity (video)
Tibbalds2017/12/06VeloCity wins Oxford to Cambridge growth competition
WikipediaCurrentOxford to Cambridge Expressway
Wild, B.2019/03/07East West Rail petition continues to gather pace as consultation deadline looms
Wildlife Trust…UnknownBedford to Cambridge rail proposals under scrutiny
Woodland TrustClosedAncient woods and trees threatened by East West Rail
WSP2018/12/12How to deliver the Cambridge Milton Keynes Oxford Arc

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